I value your privacy and your right to be left in peace. Like you, I hate cold calls and spam emails.

Contacting Me

By filling in the contact form on my website a secure record of your details is kept by myself until the query is resolved, once resolved your details are permanently deleted from my servers.

I operate a no spam / no cold call policy. If you call or email me I will respond directly to that query only and will not store your details for any further marketing use. I usually reply to your email and may also follow up with a text for you to check my email hasn't gone into your spam folder.

I do not sell or provide your information to third parties. The only exceptions to this are address and contact details that may need to be given to print labs to fulfill your order or if details are needed to be shared by way of a court order for Law or Legal requirement.

Should you wish to ask me to delete any contact information after placing a query please let me know.

How Tyler Mazza Photography collects information

I use a system called Google Analytics. This helps Tyler Mazza Photography find how you found me in the first place. For example, did you simply type my website into google or did you use a different search engine. None of this is done to obtain any personal information about you, it's purely for me to see how my customers find me. This is done to provide the best customer experience possible.

I collect different types of information before, during and after you book with Tyler Mazza Photography and use any of my services.

For example:

  • Names, addresses and contact information of the person(s) using my wedding services.

  • Names of participants of a photo shoot.

If you send me an email or message me, messages are stored for as long as practical to allow me to provide you with better future services.